A Gift of Color and Light

It’s evening now, but I took this photo this morning. I missed the moment I wanted to capture by the time I fumbled with my tablet and stepped outside. One of those God-given instances that goes by so quickly you better capture it in your heart, because there is no time for anything else.

When I first laid eyes upon the above scene this morning, all the trees were the color of black cherries and the sky the faintest mauve. It stopped me in my tracks.

I was disappointed I couldn’t save the vision to share, but the experience sent me into an impromptu art history lesson.

I remembered that a French artist painted the same cathedral over and over in different light and weather conditions, but which artist? Thank you, internet, I knew you were good for something! It turned out to be Claude Monet and the series he painted was of the Rouen Cathedral in Normandy.

Studying those computer images of the paintings, I noted that they are at many different locations. It’s a shame they can’t all be together. At least four are at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, though. I had wanted to visit that museum when I had the wonderful luck to go spend a week in Paris about eight years ago, but we couldn’t work it into our schedule backyard4marr1618

I tried to catch the same backyard view I had this morning when I got home from work around four-thirty. Not as dramatic as Monet’s paintings, but I wanted to get in the spirit of his idea.

There is something very comforting to me that the familiar site of the sky and the trees in the yard are always different and always a surprise.

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